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Youth Sports Nation consist of a prestigious group of legendary athletes and entertainers:

Terry T. Butler: CEO & Founder, aka Mr. Community

Legends: Bill Russell, Joe Morgan, Fred Biletnikoff, Ozzie Smith, Lenny Williams, Vida Blue, Brian Shaw, Raymond Chester and Bip Roberts - Presidential Medal of Freedom Award, Hall of Fame Inductees, MVP’s, and NBA, Super Bowl & World Series Champions


  Terry “T” Butler aka Mr. Community - A music producer/song writer. Sold over 20M CDs, working with Beyonce, Alecia Keys, Jamie
Foxx, Keyshia Cole, Tony Toni Tone, and many more. A Motivational Speaker and developer of Youth Programs
 Bill Russell - NBA Hall of Famer, 11 x Champion, 5 x MVP & 12 x All-Star ampion, 5 x MVP & 12 x All-Star
 Joe Morgan - MLB Hall of Famer, 2 x World Series Champion, 2 x MVP & 10 x All-Star
 Ozzie Smith – MLB Hall of Famer, World Series Champion & 15 x All-Star
  Fred Biletnikoff - NFL Hall of Famer, Super Bowl Champion & 6 x Pro Bowler
  Vida Blue – MLB 3 x World Series Champion, MVP, 2 x Cy Young Award & 6 x All-Star
 Raymond Chester – Super Bowl Champion & 4 x Pro Bowler
 Bip Roberts – MLB All-Star
 Lenny Williams – Iconic R&B and Soul Singer

The Youth Sports Nation L L C brand is a community based organization that utilizes our national credibility in music, sports and community to bridge the cultural, generation and communication gap to the people.

Why this project?
A. Most cities, districts and youth sports operations are often unfairly criticized by the community
B. Modern day youth culture are influenced by images outside of home and school such as; entertainment, sports, social media and peers
C. Most districts can use help addressing the needs of minority students/ parents
D. Most operations often focus on systems, so re-directing funds towards broader engagements or what the people want to see is often not a priority

Strategy - We partner with cities, school districts and youth sports organizations to become their trusted voice to the people and enhance their operation.

Partnership Services:
A. Consulting
B. School Culture Effectiveness
C. Sports Development/Athletics
D. Communication/Marketing
E. Family Engagement
F. Diversity - Address the needs of minority households

YSN Model:
We offer star power and partnership affiliations, providing multiple services that uplifts and enhances your operation.

YSN Roles:

Mr. Community - Our modern day Mr.Rogers to the youth. Ability to connect with students and families through music and sports.
YSN Legends - Project Ambassadors, increases parent/ elders engagement who identify with their childhood heroes.
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Youth Sports Nation in partnership with Cal Ripken Babe Ruth Baseball.

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Mr. Community in the studio producing 20X Grammy Award Winner Beyonce and R&B & Pop Superstar group, Destiny’s Child.

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Youth Sports Nation hosting High School sportsmanship assembly.

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Youth Sports Nation hosting Elementary School assembly.

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